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If GD doesn’t stop by EXO’s dressing room and whispers in Kris’s ear There can only be one dragon I’m gonna be disappointed 

only if gd can even reach kris’ ear

(Source: exostaff)

I’ve decided to stop collecting photocards so I’m selling all my cuties. I’ll ship from Finland and prefer to ship only inside of Europe. Quote your own price. Pm me or send email to wonderbinnie@gmail.com. I’ll send photos via email. I’ll give discount if you buy multiple cards.


F(x) - Pink Tape Group
Yoonjo - Hello Venus
Hyoyeon - Gee (can’t remember if KR or JP)
Eunjung - Treasure Box
Chanyeol - Mama ver b, Growl ver A first press, Xoxo
D.O - Mama ver b, Growl ver A first press, Xoxo
JR - Face
Boram - Lovey Dovey
T-ara - Bunny Style group
Areum - Target
Sungyeol - Paradise
Hyoyeon - Freestyle Sports set of 3
Myungsoo - Destiny
Niel - No.1
Hyoyeon -Oh!
Hyoyeon - Starcards
Myungsoo - L’s Bravo Viewtiful (hoya, L, sungyeol, Woohyun)

「 ۵ 」