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lee haru has met more hot guys at age 4 than i probably will in my entire life


"Seohyun, Eunhyuk, BoA & Onew unfollowed SMENT on twitter."



To be honest, I saw this coming. What happened with DBSK and Hangeng, I knew that the same thing would happen to Exo at some point. I’m of course sad if Kris leaves from Exo since he’s one of my favorites, but I understand him. Since Exo’s debut, they have been super busy all the time and traveled between two countries. SM doesn’t give them breaks and the boys barely have any free time. All these comebacks just happen too soon. I’m happy to hear their new songs and buy new albums but I also know how tired they must be. I love Kris from the bottom of my heart but somehow I’ve always wondered if he really want to be in entertainment industry, be in Exo. He just looks so lost. I know that the boys are super close with each other…or they were, and it must have been really difficult for Kris to make that decision. I would love to see him stay in Exo but I’m sure that he doesn’t want to live like a puppet, being controlled all the time and not living his life like he wants to. Sigh.

I really hope that SM will learn from this and treat their artist better. It saddens me to see Exo like this. SM, just give them a break, don’t hurry their comebacks, just let them be…

I don’t wanna make anyone angry with my post but this is just how I personally see all this and how I feel.

Stay strong my fellow exotics <3

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